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It did not seem like 12 years but GorranBus had become a valued feature to be seen regularly around the area and with many loyal customers. 100,000+ miles on Bus 3's clock  and the time had come to think about number 4. Lerryn had been so pleased with Bus 3 that they were already showing interest in taking it over when we progressed to number 4 and had become good friends in a mutual aid arrangement covering the occasional service needs. When the previous bus turned up standing in for the current vehicle occasionally we realised just how much GorranBus had become a local  favourite from the many complimentary comments and what good friends our Lerryn neighbours were as well.

By now we had learnt a bit about designing minibus conversions and our passengers were very supportive "Friends" who were raising funds to ensure that we had the money to provide them with a rather superior vehicle

We invite specialist converters in the South West to tender for each vehicle as this ensures good support if something goes wrong and makes it easier to develop ideas but control the budget. The tender for bus 4 was won by the converters who made our first bus for us. No rather superior Australian seats unfortunately as  the makers were no longer in business but otherwise the converters had learnt a lot in the intervening 8 years and took great interest in helping us make our new bus something rather special. LED changing Destination Panel and interior lighting; Climate Control inside and rear Air Suspension joined an electronic networked ticketing system provided by Cornwall Council to record our reimbursements -- we now accepted Concession Cards for qualifying passengers under the National Scheme. Adaptations for Shopping Trolleys and interior racks with personal airline style individual lights and outlets for warming or cooling air as the need arises--it all adds up to a rather superior and comfortable vehicle for our loyal customers.

2013 saw the withdrawal of Western Greyhound from the Gorran area when they acquired different buses that were too large to pass through central Mevagissey and later were taken over and ceased operation. The result was that GorranBus services were heavily stretched but in 2014 Cornwall Council arranged for TravelCornwall to augment our overloaded services and we work together rather than compete  with complementary timetabling to provide a varied set of services to Truro, Mevagissey, St.Austell and Plymouth.

GorranBus hopes passengers will approve of Bus number 5 which we hope to make better than ever; Buses, Drivers and Passengers come and go but our special bus has become a valuable fixture -- owned by the people of Gorran, used by them and our neighbours and operated by volunteers from Gorran and further afield and funded by the many Friends who fundraise and earn money for the Bus by cleaning the Haven Beach under contract with the Parish Council.

Want to help a success ?

You would be very welcome to join us and do as much or as little as you wish

Driving is an occasional way of helping in a way that suits you and a very
rewarding pass time and way of meeting appreciative new friends.

There are many other ways of making a contribution to a success that needs YOU to keep it going:

Fund Raising

Occasional Cleaning

Using a skill such as Finance, Legal, Secretarial, Website maintenance,  Minor Vehicle maintenance and repair and many other ways--it all helps us run the best Community Bus in Cornwall.
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