Your Buses… A History

Bus Number one arrived in 2000. A very nice bus too but as beginners we quickly leant our mistakes. The big lesson was that our pattern of customer trips meant that sometimes a seat was used more than once  in a single journey. Good for business but endless door opening and step operating was hard on the poor driver

A Better Bus         
A Better  Service

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Four years later saw Bus No.2 with a repositioned electric plug door and extending step to help the driver.
A destination board made sure people realised we were a real bus  and worked wonders gaining extra  passengers, particularly visitors.

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Looking Ahead

Bus 2 also saw the rather rattle prone rear doors
replaced with a very smart coach back rear end which enabled us to fit an extra seat inside and have a very useful boot for shopping and luggage now that we were doing the occasional week-ends away. Very swish Australian luxury seats completed a very similar vehicle to no.1 but one with a lot of subtle improvements. Customer numbers steadily increased as they appreciated the quality of GorranBus when compared with ordinary service buses

2007…..and here went again
     Towards the middle of 2006 with mileage covered rising as we get
busier and busier Mercedes announced a new version of our tried and trusted Sprinter base vehicle. We have always sought to change our vehicle at the point where depreciation starts to accelerate and starting again from scratch is a financial burden too great; not least because in the first three years maintenance is effectively free but thereafter can be an expensive extra.
     Towards the end of the year our order was placed for the base vehicle no.3 and we were give a provisional delivery date of week commencing 22 January 2007. Conversion tenders were in, a purchaser found for Bus No.2 and we looked forward to our new bus being on the road for 1st April. Unfortunately rumours of delays proved to be all too true and with only 7 days to go we were told that our nice new vehicle had fallen off the delivery schedule altogether.
     Four months late, our new bus was delivered--as a van!  For some weird a van instead of the specification actually ordered was delivered with a sliding door with a smoky window both sides instead of just  the offside and panel van sides for the other two thirds of both sides instead of cut outs for windows to be fitted (Passengers are a bit strange  - they like to be able to see out!).  It also had a bulkhead and van interior to make sure the driver could not collect any fares from anyone daft enough to struggle aboard and as it was clearly a van it now had an unordered and unwanted tachograph for which we were invited to pay. Blame the salesman was the name of the game but fortunately similar mistakes were turning up all over the South West and that did not stick.
     Our dealer was left to sort out the mess and rose superbly to the occasion.  The conversion contractor was paid to turn our van back into the bus we had ordered without charge to us and fitting out was delayed another month.
          We took delivery of our new bus ready for service mid-August instead of 1st April and very good it was too.  A few rattles and oddities but nothing more than minor snags that the dealer and converter cleared between them most efficiently.
     Bus 2 departed  to  its  new  life  working  for  Lerryn  Area  Minibus Association and it was nice to wave to it occasionally as we pass.
2011 and its bus no. 4
This time all went well. Unfortunately the excellent Australian seat suppliers were no longer in business, but an alternative nearly as good was found. We added Climate Control and rear Air Suspension and tidied up a few minor design details learnt from experience. We now have a smart new ticket machine for Concession Fares recording and can trace the bus en-voyage every 30 seconds to ward off developing problems. Lerryn liked no 2 so much that they bought No.3 and we jointly introduced a mutual aid system to cover unplanned maintenance needs very occasionally.
2015--planning bus no 5
….and that is a story for 2016……………………………………………………...


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