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We have learnt from our initial route experience and fine tuned things to standardise on a 9.30 start for our St.Austell and Truro services with a second Truro service on Tuesday afternoons at 13.45.  Excursions leave at various times to suit the nature of the activity.

G1 Gorran -- Mevagissey--St.Austell.
This service got off the ground very slowly and we did wonder whether it would ever be really successful but we need not have worried, It now averages about 80% full loads and is a great success.  The Wednesday timings  are designed to give passengers two hours in St.Austell with a free transfer for those that want it at half time between the Town Centre (Duke Street) and main Supermarkets.  The Friday service allows one hour at either the town centre or the supermarket of your choice and is intended for those who wish to do a shop for the week-end

All stage bus services (G1, G3 and G4 go via Mevagissey in both directions helping people with Surgery appointments and has greatly improved the appeal to Mevagissey residents. The  12.15 return on Wednesdays suits peoples lunch times while the Friday service is to the same timetable except that the return runs one hour earlier than on Wenesdays giving a long and a  short trip each week.

G3 Gorran--Mevagissey--St.Austell--Truro
When First gave up their Mevagissey--Truro Wednesday service we re-routed this service at the Councils request with great success. Tuesdays starts back at 12.15 compared with 3.00 on Thursdays offering a choice each week of a  longer  or  shorter  visit. This service now loads so heavily that we have also added an afternoon service leaving Gorran at 13.45 and starting back at 16.15.

People were slow to try the afternoon option but once they did many found that they prefer it and become regulars and help us to spread the load. It gets back to Gorran about 5.00. 

There is a third option for people wanting an even longer visit to Truro  - travel out at 09.30 and return at 4.15 but do ask for a Single and make sure your nasme is on the list for the afternoon return journey and that there is roomkept for you.

G4 Gorran--Mevagissey--St Austell--Plymouth
Since changing from Saturday to 3rd Monday of the month the loadings have increased a lot, so much so that we now run a relief on the preceding Saturday when demand justifies it. However this is difficult to judge so do make a point of letting us know if you would like to go on the Saturday run if it  goes.  Booking is almost essential on this service.

Mondays is excursion day for sight seeing, mystery trips with a lunch,  and any number of interesting visits throughout Devon and Cornwall. Theatre trips are growing in popularity too and arranged for us by the Friends of the Bus. These are great fun but very hard work to organise so please help by telling us what you would like to do/see.

Have we got it right?
Feedback is always welcomed. Are the times right; Is there anywhere you would like us to visit. Of course not everyone wants the same times, services, destinations and we try to avoid rush hours and pinching customers from other peoples  services.  However  we  always  listen and are getting quite good at matching supply to demand. It seems to work-- we have rather good loadings to prove it.

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