On these pages you can read about what is happening on the Community Bus front; what has changed; get to know the people involved; activities you could help us with; see news items and articles published elsewhere that you may have missed; see the latest excursions list, timetables, and a hundred and one other things.

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Please e-mail is with what you would like to see here and why not tell us where you would like us to visit; how we could make our services more useful and ask us any questions you may have.

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Why Have One
With rising petrol prices and other problems more and more people are finding transport in rural areas too little and too far between. This is the background to why we have a Community Bus. Gorran has too few buses a day and half of the few that we do have run at the wrong time.

Whats New?
People, Places and Things; new faces, destinations, timings, systems; Meet the people involved and what they are doing; learn how the whole thing works. Come and Help too!

All the background to the latest timetables and changes to our scheduled services plus a chance to let us know what would help you

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