Who Runs GorranBus?

These are the people who run GorranBus. They are an elected committee and will make anyone welcome who wishes to support or help make the whole thing the great success it deserves to be. They are supported by the helpers known as Friends of GorranBus who may not want to take on the responsibilities involved in being Directors (GorranBus is a registered charity and a Limited Liability Company) but make just as vauable a contribution.

              Bob Bayliss 01726 842733 (Chairman)

                    Stephen Church 01726 842314
                                                  (Technical & Operations)

                         Peter Fuller 01726 844982 ( Treasurer)

Jill Scott 01726 842733 (Secretary)

                                    John Swann 01726 843290 (Technical)

There is plenty of room for you to give
As much help as you can --
Or as little as you find convenient.

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